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Diamond Drilling Cambridge, a Cambridge based diamond drilling services firm, has built a solid reputation for covering Cambridge and the surrounding areas on a daily basis, on a variety of construction sites and home projects.

We’ve done everything from cellar additions in Cambridge to sky-scraping residential towers. If you’re seeking for a diamond drilling company that can respond quickly, contact us today.

Diamond Drilling Services Cambridge

The friendly and experienced staff at Diamond Drilling in Cambridge. 

Trustworthy, high-quality diamond drilling, concrete cutting or other services.

Diamond drilling is the most efficient means for the construction industry to create precise holes and gaps in a wide range of materials, including the toughest masonry.

Diamond Drilling Services Cambridge
About us

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Diamond Drilling Services Cambridge

Diamond Drilling Company in Cambridge

Our 15 years of experience, working as a team, has resulted in a fantastic group of problem solvers. Therefore, we are frequently called upon to deliver holes in concrete for services and ducting, to remove concrete portions and to assist with the reconfiguration of concrete structures.

Our company’s dedication and years of experience are unrivalled by others for builders, developers and any other customers requiring these services throughout the Cambridgeshire area. Customers can either be visited by one of our surveyors for a quotation or the surveyors can construct the price from architectural drawings to design their diamond drilling, concrete cutting project.

Cambridge’s Diamond Drillers are the best in the business.

Our highly qualified personnel, as well as our industry-leading equipment, can operate on a number of diamond drilling projects including materials like concrete, marble, and asphalt, as well as wall and floor chases. Do you have questions concerning our diamond drilling services? Please visit our services page.

Contact the friendly, experienced staff at Diamond Drilling Cambridge today for trustworthy, high-quality diamond drilling, concrete cutting or other services.


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Diamond Drilling Services in Cambridge



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