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Diamond Drilling Cambridge, provides a professional concrete cutting and drilling service in England. These services are in high demand in the present property market, whether for new construction or for existing houses in need of renovation.


Therefore we offer our services. Diamond core drilling, chasing, track, floor, and wire sawing, scrabbling, cutting apertures, generating structural openings, temporary support, and method statements and risk assessments are some of our main services. You can also feel certain that our operatives have received extensive training in a variety of areas in order to give the most comprehensive services.


Health and safety are also very important to us at Diamond Drilling Cambridge. With workers that are CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) certified and our company registered with CHAS (Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), we are always reviewing and improving our processes.

Diamond Drilling Cambridge
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Core Drilling

Our company offers diamond core drilling services. We can work on a wide range of projects. This may entail drilling holes in walls and floors for plumbing and electrical work, as well as the removal of concrete cores.



At Diamond Drilling Cambridge, we provide a variety of concrete cutting and drilling services. Diamond wall chasing, which refers to cutting or constructing a channel in concrete or block walls or flooring, is part of our service offering.


Floor Sawing

Using state-of-the-art diamond cutting technology, we are experts in cutting reinforced concrete, asphalt, and tarmac. To conclude, we provide a number of sawing services.



Mechanical scabbling entails the use of equipment that look like pneumatic drills but have a lot of little heads. These devices chip away at the concrete in a uniform pattern throughout the block’s surface until the desired result is achieved.


Cutting Openings

Chain saws with diamond tipped teeth are also available. This allows you to cut through tough materials like reinforced concrete and conduct plunge cuts with ease. Therefore, when cutting straight lines with right angle corners, we recommend this style of saw.


Structural Opening

Diamond Drilling Cambridge provides a complete structural opening service, including the installation of lintels and steel. We can take care of the project from start to finish.

Diamond Drilling Cambridge

Why We are the Best For the Job?

Our company has years of experience.

Years of concrete shaping and cutting holes and conduits in solid floors and walls are among our specialties. In hard materials such as brick or concrete, our diamond core drilling techniques are used to make the roundest and smoothest holes possible. The vibration-free technology ensures that there is as little dust and debris as possible, whether it’s small holes for plumbing or wiring or bigger areas for doors and windows. To sumarise, we are great company for your drilling needs. 

Diamond Drilling Services in Cambridge

With our range of diamond core drilling services, we are sure to have the service to meet your needs. Whether you need channels in walls or floors (chasing), large amounts of materials removed through wall and floor sawing, concrete cut into a specific shape with wire sawing, or openings with temporary support systems.

In conclusion, we can take care of the project from start to finish. Please do not hesitate to Give us a call.

Diamond Drilling Cambridge

Diamond drilling company in Cambridge, finalised various diamond core drilling and cutting services, leaving the site clean and up to expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend this company’s services. We have added diamond drilling services to our commercial site. The job was concluded without any issues. In summary, with full conviction I can recommend – Diamond Drilling Company. The job included Diamond Core Drilling, Diamond Floor Sawing and Floor Scabbling.

John S

We have ordered diamond drilling services for Cutting Openings and Structural Openings as we were extending our house.  The drillings and cutting services were exceptional and done in a timely manner.  In summary, we are glad to find such a competent team of diamond drilling contractors in Cambridge.

Jenny C

We are very pleased with the job performed by professional diamond drilling contractors. Our company has ordered Wall & Floor Chasing, Diamond Floor Sawing services from Diamond Drilling Company. The company has exceeded our expectations, the job was done very accurately and in a very short amount of time. In conclusion, it definitely is a company worth recommending.

Alex C


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